Baking & Pastry Arts Workshop

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Those who love baking and culinary arts can enter the kitchen at any time and magically turn all kinds of simple ingredients like flour, sugar, whipped cream etc into delicious masterpieces. They don’t need to have any reason to bake, such as baking a beautiful birthday cake for their family and friends or baking some cookies for afternoon tea. Facts have proven that baking is not only able to bring people exquisite and delicious food while baking for others, the baker himself also obtains spiritual satisfaction.

If you’re looking for Malaysia online baking class, you have to check out what our platform has to offer! We have a large variety of baking workshops such as Fondant Cake Decorating Class; delicious Cartoon Cheese Tarts; Icing Cookies that taste sweet but not overbearing; soft and crunchy German Cookies; healthy Kyoto Soy Bean Desserts; and even more baking workshops are coming soon! If you want to join our online baking workshops, but don’t want it to affect your daily work schedule, or you are looking for a short-term baking workshop, then the online baking classes that we offer are perfect for you to learn without any restrictions!

Although the Fondant Cake Decorating Class sounds complicated, there is nothing to worry about as our baking workshops are specially catered for beginners! Our professional instructors will explain and demonstrate all the steps in detail, start from materials and tools preparation to the last step of cake decorating. In the Cake Decorating Class, you will find that it is not difficult to use fondant to make exquisite shapes such as Unicorns, Winnie the Pooh, Bees, etc. As long as you follow all the steps the instructor has shown in the baking workshop, you can easily use the fondant to make your cute design! Not only that, but through this baking workshop, you can also discover a variety of designs for chiffon cakes. Another cake baking class is Kyoto Soybean dessert that is made from soybeans. These desserts are suitable for anyone at any age to eat, and also suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.

Other than the cake baking class, our platform also offers cookie-baking workshops as an option to learn. Our online baking workshops are designed for those at the beginner level. Cartoon Cheese Tarts, Cute Unicorn Icing Cookies and Tsum Tsum German Cookies courses are some of the most popular desserts nowadays because of the pretty appearance of the dessert, you can even consider starting a small business after you attended these baking workshops! If you have any questions about the workshop during your learning, you can pause the video anytime and ask the instructor in the comment session under the video.

Baking is a stress reliever, the moment you bake something successfully will bring a huge sense of accomplishment and something to be proud of. After you learn to bake through our online baking classes, the next time you feel anxious or stressed, just put on your baking gloves and bake a cookie or a cake– you definitely will feel much better after!